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Journal of Philosophy and Social Theory


"Adele Diederich"

Titel: A Rational Reconstruction of Expert Judgements in Organ Allocation. A Conjoint Measurement Approach
Autor: Adele Diederich
Seite: 245-262

Abstract: The Eurotransplant Kidney Allocation System (ETKAS) emerged from the XCOMB model by Wujciak and Opelz (1993a;b), who applied computer simulation studies to create an allocation algorithm. The present study investigated how experts would allocate a donated organ to patients on the waiting list with respect to the five allocation factors proposed in the ETKAS (number of mismatches, mismatch probability, waiting time, distance, international exchange balance). The expert's evaluations were compared to the ETKAS points as well as to factor weights established in mandatory allocation guidelines which are based on the German law for organ allocation (Transplantationsgesetz). The investigation was carried out using a conjoint analysis. Overall, the results indicate a fairly high degree of agreement between the expert's opinions and the existing allocation system ETKAS and even more so for the allocation guidelines in particular with respect to the factors 'Mismatches', 'Mismatch', 'Probability', and 'Waiting time'.

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