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Author Guidelines

Submission of manuscripts: Only original versions of articles will be reviewed for publication. Authors are requested to send an electronic copy of their manuscript to

Hard copies should be delivered to the postal address of the editors. Please provide the full title of the article, as well as the author’s name, affiliation and present address on the cover page of the manuscript. The text can be sent in any established format, but LaTeX is preferred. Manuscripts should not exceed 20 printed pages (about 70.000 characters).

Abstracts: An English abstract of no more than 150 words should be attached.

Footnotes: Notes should be kept to a minimum.

Quotations: Use double quotation marks for quoted text or concepts. Single quotation marks should be used for figurative or stylistic usage and for quotations within quotations. Longer quotations should be indented and quotation marks added.

References: References to the bibliography are made in brackets which contain the name of the author, the date of publication and, if required, the page numbers. There should be a semi-colon between several authors’ names.
Example: Second, one has to recognise the importance of gender differences in power, or as Nussbaum (1999a, 286-287) calls them, gender hierarchies.
Example: Several authors have noted this trend (Robinson 1970; Crusoe 1968; Friday 1973) but the problem needs still further clarification.

When using a translation or a modern version of an older edition, the date of the original publication should be mentioned in the first place of the reference.
Example: (Hobbes 1651/1999)

Bibliography: The bibliography is placed at the end of the article. The content and form of the bibliography should conform to the examples below. Please note that page numbers are required for articles in journals as well as in anthologies. Books are listed with the place of publication but not with the publisher.

  • Book/single author: Lovejoy, A. O. (1961), Reflections on Human Nature, Baltimore
  • Book/multiple authors: Key, J./C. Mayer/D. Thompson (1986), Privatization and Regulation, Oxford
  • Article in edited volume: Elster, J. (1988), Is There (or Should There Be) a Right to Work?, in: A. Gutman (ed.), Democracy and the Welfare State, Princeton, 53-78
  • Article in journal: Foley, D. (1967), Resource Allocation and the Public Sector, in: Yale Economic Essays 7, 45-98
  • Unpublished manuscripts: Reineke, A. (1994), Notes on Important Things, Manuscript, Department of Relevant Science, University of Singen

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