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2022 (44) Issue 1
Focus: The Social Bases of Political Theory

The Social Bases of Political Theory
  • Katrina Forrester: Liberalism and Social Theory after John Rawls
  • Joel Isaac: Durkheimian Thoughts on In the Shadow of Justice
  • Steven Lukes: Capitalism, Justice, and the Boundaries of Liberalism
  • William Clare Roberts: Whose Realism? Which Legitimacy? Ideologies of Domination and Post-Rawlsian Political Theory
  • Brad Baranowski: How to Do Things with Justice: Professor Rawls, 1962–1971
  • Bruce Kuklick: John Rawls and R. M. Hare: A Study of Canonization
General Part
  • Richard Ned Lebow: International Relations Theory and the Ukrainian War (Open Access)
  • William T. Lynch: Does Post-truth Expand or Restrict Political Choice? Politics, Planning, and Expertise in a Post-truth Environment
  • Steve Fuller: Symmetry in World-Historic Perspective: Reply to Lynch (Open Access)

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Open Access
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Richard Ned Lebow
International Relations Theory and the Ukrainian War
Publishing year: 2022
Volume: 44, Number: 1, Page: 110-135
Bruce Kuklick
Something Funny Happened on the Way to the Twenty-First Century
Publishing year: 2021
Volume: 43, Number: 2, Page: 309-329
Thomas Piketty
About Capital, Socialism and Ideology
Publishing year: 2021
Volume: 43, Number: 1, Page: 147-168
Luise Görges, and Daniele Nosenzo
Measuring Social Norms in Economics: Why It Is Important and How It Is Done
Publishing year: 2020
Volume: 42, Number: 2, Page: 285-311
Alexander Vostroknutov
Social Norms in Experimental Economics: Towards a Unified Theory of Normative Decision Making
Publishing year: 2020
Volume: 42, Number: 1, Page: 3-39
Michael Hüther and Matthias Diermeier
Perception and Reality—Economic Inequality as a Driver of Populism?
Publishing year: 2019
Volume: 41, Number: 2, Page: 337-357

Advance Articles - open access

Ukraine and Political Realism
  • Mearsheimer, Realism, and the Ukraine War
    Nicholas Ross Smith and Grant Dawson
  • The End of Open Society Realism?
    Robert Schuett
  • Realism, the War in the Ukraine, and the Limits of Diplomacy
    Felix Rösch
  • Realism after Ukraine: A Critique of Geopolitical Reason from Monroe to Mearsheimer
    Matthew Specter

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