Analyse & Kritik

Journal of Philosophy and Social Theory

Focus: The Continuing Relevance of Beauvoir

2023 (45) Issue 2

A plea for Beauvoir’s timeliness today has to assert itself in a field that has become confusing, both in terms of gender relations in Western societies and in the face of the diversity of feminisms. With regard to the real role of women, among many people there is an apologetic understanding that gender equality may not have been achieved but ‘is well on its way’ or ‘improvements have been made.’ Aggressive demonstrations against male supremacy, still remembered by some from the 1960s

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Focus: Democracy under Polarization

2023 (45) Issue 1

According to a conflict-conscious conception of democracy, polarization is part of its essence. According to this ‘agonistic’ conception of democracy, polarization means that the political positions of values and interests can never merge consensually into one another but remain in opposition in order to struggle persistently and continuously for political power within a democratic framework. The ‘polarization’ currently in dispute as a new threat to democracy, on the other hand, is mean

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