Analyse & Kritik

Journal of Philosophy and Social Theory


"Rudolf Lüscher"

Titel: Die linke Ecke des Wiener Kreises. Bemerkungen zu A. Beckermanns "Logischer Positivismus und radikale Gesell-schaftsreform" (ANALYSE & KRITIK 1/79)
Autor: Rudolf Lüscher
Seite: 182-191

Abstract: Beckermann's belief in a "direct connection" between Logical Empiricism and socialist politics is unjustified: (I) Logical Empiricism supports - if anything - 'rational', i.e. non-metaphysically grounded political positions, including non-socialist and authoritarian ones. (11) Logical Empiricism offers instruments to anybody willing to talk rationally about politics, but it cannot urge anybody to become politically active. (III) The only systematic attempt to develop a politically relevant sociology within the Vienna Circle, i.e. Neurath's, is at best methodologically inconsistent and at worst pro-authoritarian.

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