Analyse & Kritik

Journal of Philosophy and Social Theory


"Robert Ware"

Titel: Group Action and Social Ontology
Autor: Robert Ware
Seite: 48-70

Abstract: In recent years there has been an interesting turn in the philosophical literature to groups and collective action. At the same time there has been a renewed interest in various forms of methodological individualism. This paper attempts to show the diversity of group action that is overlooked by much of the literature, to clarify some of the ambiguities that plague our language about groups and collectives, and to support the view that social entities are genuine. Some important arguments against social entities being genuine are rebutted. The existence of social entities gives some substance to the debate about methodological individualism, but the resolution of the debate has depended too much on empirical results in the distant future. The article ends with some suggestions on how the debate matters in looking for biases in the directions of current social theorizing.

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Work and Cooperation
2011 (33) Heft 1

Both in social theories with the aim of looking into the creative core of society as well as in everyday politics, two intuitions often supplement each other. The first intuition, empirico-analytical, views common organization of work and production as being the very aim of society, and other parts of society being explicable from this. A second intuition, ethical or moral, holds the sphere of work to be the central site for diagnoses of a society's inherent justice. Both intuitions not only con...

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ohne Titel
1988 (10) Heft 1

ANALYSE & KRITIK erscheint jetzt im zehnten Jahrgang. Die Gründung dieser Zeitschrift war an dem Ziel orientiert, den Dialog zwischen zwei wissenschaftlichen Traditionen zu fördern: zwischen der analytischen Philosophie und Wissenschaftstheorie einerseits und einer der kritischen Aufklärung verpflichteten Sozialwissenschaft andererseits. Ausgangspunkt war die Beobachtung, daß die Entwicklung der Sozialwissenschaften vor allem im deutschen Sprachraum im Anschluß an den spektakulären, aber s...

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