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Journal of Philosophy and Social Theory


"Ralph Schumacher"

Titel: The Brain Is Not Enough. Potentials and Limits in Integrating Neuroscience and Pedagogy
Autor: Ralph Schumacher
Seite: 38-46

Abstract: The desire for founding educational reform on a sound empirical basis has coincided with a period of impressive progress in the field of neuroscience and wide public interest in its findings, leading to an ongoing debate about the potential of neuroscience to inform education reform. But is neuroscience really suited to provide specific instructions for improving learning conditions at school? This paper explores the educational implications of neuroscience.

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Mind and Economy: Methodological Problems of Neuroeconomics
2007 (29) Heft 1

Among the most current 'neuro'-subdisciplines, neuroeconomics is perhaps the one with the most interesting genealogy. It seems to be not only one, but two steps away from classical economics, being itself a specialized form of behavioural economics, a field of research which for some depicts the psychology of actors more than their market behaviour. Neuroeconomics means inspection of the role the brain plays during actors' decisions, the categorizing of risks and rewards, and of social interacti...

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