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Journal of Philosophy and Social Theory


"Oliver Schlaudt"

Titel: Reflective Equilibria in Metrology?
Autor: Oliver Schlaudt
Seite: 497-521

In this paper I propose to read the history of systems of units, and in particular the current reform of the International System of Units (SI), understood as a set of measuring norms, in the light of reflective equilibria. The idea is that the model of reflective equilibria actually applies to processes which can be empirically observed or studied. This can help us to understand the nature of normativity and to shed light on its relativity to, and dependence on, practice.

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Logic, Morals, Measurement - Origins and Justifications of Norms
2016 (38) Heft 2
Guest Editors: Susanne Hahn and Oliver Schlaudt

1. The Scope of Normativity“

“Do not use your mobile phone“, “unauthorized entrance prohibited“, “in order for your will to have legal force you must sign it in the presence of at least two witnesses“, “scientific experiments should be reproducible“, “water to cook pasta in should be as salty as the Mediterranean“, “the Federal Court is responsible for deciding civil matters assigned to it by statute“, “if you use a direct quotation from an author you should enclos...

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