Analyse & Kritik

Journal of Philosophy and Social Theory


"Margaret Gilbert"

Titel: Two Approaches to Shared Intention: An Essay in the Philosophy of Social Phenomena
Autor: Margaret Gilbert
Seite: 483-514

Abstract: Drawing on earlier work of the author that is both clarified and amplified here, this article explores the question: what is it for two or more people to intend to do something in the future? In short, what is it for people to share an intention? It argues for three criteria of adequacy for an account of shared intention (the disjunction, concurrence, and obligation criteria) and offers an account that satisfies them. According to this account, in technical terms explained in the paper, people share an intention when and only when they are jointly committed to intend as a body to do such-and-such in the future. This account is compared and contrasted with the common approach that treats shared intention as a matter of the correlative personal intentions, with particular reference to the work of Michael Bratman.

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