Analyse & Kritik

Journal of Philosophy and Social Theory


"Marco Iorio"

Titel: Macht und Metamacht
Autor: Marco Iorio
Seite: 515-532

Abstract: In this paper a distinction is made between the concept of social power and the more basic concept of power. Because the more basic concept is not a social or sociological notion, it is analysed with the tools of action theory. In light of this analysis the concept of social power can be seen in a new and revealing light. Additionally, a special version of social power comes into view. I dub this phaenomenon ’meta-power’.

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Titel: Praktische Rationalität - monistisch, nicht dualistisch
Autor: Marco Iorio
Seite: 41-56

Abstract: After a short survey of some discussions in modern action theory and in the theory of explanation an alternative account of reasons for action is presented and explained. According to this alternative, not mental states of the agent but non-mental facts constitute reasons for action. Some ramifications of this view are discussed with special regard to the question of how to overcome the established dichotomy of subjective and objective rationality.

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