Analyse & Kritik

Journal of Philosophy and Social Theory


"Marc Fleurbaey"

Titel: Living Standards and Capabilities: Equal Values or Equal Sets?
Autor: Marc Fleurbaey
Seite: 226-234

Abstract: Inspired by Gaertner and Xu (2006), this paper examines the possibility to construct a social ordering over distributions of capability sets, and a measure of the value of individual capability sets, such that perfect equality of sets, across individuals, is preferable to a simple equality of the value of sets. It is shown that this is a rather demanding requirement.

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Titel: Admissibility and Feasibility in Game Forms
Autor: Marc Fleurbaey / Wulf Gaertner
Seite: 54-66

Abstract: This paper examines the exercise of individual or group rights within the game form approach. It focuses in particular on what it means for a strategy or action to be feasible and admissible. Admissibility is best discussed in relation to two basic distinctions among rights, passive and active rights on the one hand and negative and positive rights on the other. It is argued that while there are quite a few cases in which the outcomes of mutual rights exercising are to the fore, there are many situations where the uninhibited exercise of individual or group rights and not particular outcomes are what society is primarily interested in.

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Perspectives on Social Choice
2007 (29) Heft 2
Guest-Editor: Marlies Ahlert

Introduction and Overview

This volume of Analyse & Kritik approaches social choice from different angles. Each of the papers thematically has some relation with the work of Wulf Gaertner. This provides some topical unity to the volume. However, other than in case of a typical Festschrift the refereed papers are in all other regards independent contributions to the field of social choice as very widely understood. Methods reach from axiomatic analyses over experiments to simulations and from t...

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