Analyse & Kritik

Journal of Philosophy and Social Theory


"Leszek Nowak"

Titel: Historical Momentums and Historical Epochs. An Attempt at a Non-Marxian Historical Materialism
Autor: Leszek Nowak
Seite: 60-76

Abstract: The paper begins with a proposal for a reconstruction of three major statements of the traditional Marxian version of historical materialism. The general concept of an adaptive mechanism is introduced to explain how, in the Marxian sense, several parts of the superstruc-ture are to be thought of as determined by the economic base. The paper proceeds by asking whether the classical type of economic determination is valid not only for precapitalist and capitalist societies, but for socialist societies as well. An answer in the negative is given. The author tries to outline a type of historical materialism which takes into account the autonomous role of political institutions and social relations as determinants in socialist societies.

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