Analyse & Kritik

Journal of Philosophy and Social Theory


"Joseph D. Sneed"

Titel: Political Institutions as Means to Economic Justice: A Critique of Rawls, Contractarianism
Autor: Joseph D. Sneed
Seite: 125-146

Abstract: It is argued that John Rawls' theory of social justice as well as the contract argument for it are misleading, if not actually mistaken, in that they appear to take institutional features of societies as fundamental objects of moral evaluation. An alternative view is expounded. Principles involving institution as features are only contingently related to principles involving the distribution of things people care about. These distributions are taken as the fundamental objects of moral evaluation. Social, political and economic institutions are means to achieve more desirable distributions. It is argued that the alternative provides a more accurate reconstruction of the moral foundations of social-democratic liberalism than does Rawls' theory.

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