Analyse & Kritik

Journal of Philosophy and Social Theory


"Jeannette Schmid"

Titel: Freiwilligkeit der Gewalt? Von der Psychologie der Täter zur Psychologie der Tat
Autor: Jeannette Schmid
Seite: 27-45

Abstract: The series of psychological explanations for the atrocities of Hitler's Germany followed a development that started with the personality of the perpetrators and subsequently focused on the situation, almost to the exclusion of the person component. Milgram's experimental series marks a turning point. His construct of destructive obedience claims a validity that transcends the Nazi context and has far-reaching implications for human behavior in hierarchies, irrespective of the political system. The merits of his approach can be understood in comparison and in connection with other theoretical and empirical venues that each provide a unique insight into the mechanisms underlying the Holocaust.

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