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Journal of Philosophy and Social Theory


"Hillel Steiner"

Titel: Steiner, s Trilemma. A Critical Comment on Hillel Steiner's "Rational Rights"
Autor: Eduardo Rivera-López
Seite: 232-235

Abstract: I try to show that Steiner's theory has very implausible normative consequences since it does not accept the prima facie character or rights. This theory is unable to solve the conflicts of interests in which the only intuitively plausible solution consists in overriding someone's rights.

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Titel: Rational Rights
Autor: Hillel Steiner
Seite: 3-11

Abstract: A rational moral code must satisfy the condition of completeness. This same condition applies to a set of moral rights, where it takes the form of requiring that all the rights in that set be compossible: that their respective correlatively entailed duties be jointly fulfillable. Such joint fulfillability is guaranteed only by a set of fully differentiated individual domains. And if moral rights are to play any independent role in moral reasoning - any role logically independent of the values that bring persons into conflict - those domains must be determined by rules which are not derived from those values.

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Titel: Liberalism and Nationalism
Autor: Hillel Steiner
Seite: 12-20

Abstract: Historically, liberal political philosophy has had much to say about who is entitled to nationhood. But it has had rather less to say about how to determine the legitimate territorial boundaries of nations and even less to say about what some such nations, so situated, might owe to others. The object of this paper is to show that the foundational principles of liberalism can generate reasonably determinate solutions to these problems. That is, the very same set of basic rights that liberalism ascribes to all persons is itself sufficient to determine which nations they are members of, where those nations, legitimate legal jurisdictions are located, and what amounts of wealth they each owe or are owed by other nations.

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Titel: Steiner's Justice
Autor: Ulrich Steinvorth
Seite: 21-34

Abstract: Hillel Steiner is a libertarian who takes the equal right to natural resources seriously. Though there are objections to some of the conclusions he draws from this right, his approach might avoid the vices of liberalism and socialism and combine their virtues.

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Rechte / Rights
1995 (17) Heft 1

Kaum eine andere soziale Tatsache ist prägender für das Leben der Menschen in den heutigen Demokratien und Verfassungsstaaten als die Existenz verbürgter Rechte. Der Kern dieser Rechte besteht in der Garantie grundlegender individueller Freiheiten. Sie gewähren einen persönlichen Autonomiebereich, der vor Eingriffen und Ansprüchen anderer Individuen und der Gemeinschaft prinzipiell geschützt ist. Für viele Menschen in der westlichen Welt sind individuelle Rechte zu selbstverständlichen ...

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