Analyse & Kritik

Journal of Philosophy and Social Theory


"Helmut F. Spinner"

Titel: Ist der Kritische Rationalismus am Ende?
Autor: Helmut F. Spinner
Seite: 99-126

Abstract: Motivated by Drerup's and Terhart's stimulating contribution (ANALYSE & KRITIK 1 /80) to the notorious "Critical Rationalism and Contemporary Politics"-affair with its fatal repercussions on Popper's original position. Part One of this paper discusses the development of Popperian philosophy of science and society from the hopeful beginnings to the rather unsatisfactory present state, with the main emphasis on the separate fate of his Social Philosophy in Germanspeaking countries. A reconstruction and evaluation of this development is made in comparison to Popper's basic idea of an open-minded Social Philosophy and critical Social Science. The German mainstream development adds to Popper's own radically liberal interpretation a positivistic, a normativistic and a conformistic phase, thus leading this degenerating research programme to the present philosophical stagnation and badly compensating political reideologization. The intellectual as well as the institutional causes and consequences of the deviant German case are analysed. - This exposition of the present state of reception is to be completed, in Part Two, by an analysis of the resulting state of problems with regard to the remaining chances for the realization of the original Popperian programme just-mentioned in contemporary rebuilding.

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