Analyse & Kritik

Journal of Philosophy and Social Theory


"Elisabeth List"

Titel: Soziologische Relativität. Überlegungen zur ethnomethodologischen Theorie praktischer Rationalität
Autor: Elisabeth List
Seite: 15-33

Abstract: Ethnomethodology criticises sociological objectivism in a double sense: a) concerning the idea of "objectively" given social facts; b) concerning the idea of objectivity as a realistic claim of common sense and scientific knowledge. The theoretical alternative presented by Garfinkel and his followers consists a) in an analysis of the interpretative procedures, by which common sense beliefs in the objectivity of reality are constituted; b) in the intention, to take practical reasoning not as a source, but as a topic of empirical study. The paper argues that while the proposed analysis of practical activities conveys a useful approach, its epistemological implications lead to inconsistencies and problematical consequences.

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