Analyse & Kritik

Journal of Philosophy and Social Theory


"Eduardo Rivera-López"

Titel: Kommunitaristische Paradoxe
Autor: Eduardo Rivera-López
Seite: 149-166

Abstract: Two basic kinds of communitarians are discriminated. ,Weak communitarians, reject only the liberal metaethical theses that I call ,universalism, and ,neutralism,, but endorse liberal norms and institutions at the normative level. ,Strong communitarians, condemn liberalism at both levels: they reject not only universalism and neutralism, but also substantive liberal norms defending communitarian values (family, tradition, solidarity etc.). This article intends to show certain internal paradoxes of these two versions of communitarianism.

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Titel: Steiner, s Trilemma. A Critical Comment on Hillel Steiner's "Rational Rights"
Autor: Eduardo Rivera-López
Seite: 232-235

Abstract: I try to show that Steiner's theory has very implausible normative consequences since it does not accept the prima facie character or rights. This theory is unable to solve the conflicts of interests in which the only intuitively plausible solution consists in overriding someone's rights.

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