Analyse & Kritik

Journal of Philosophy and Social Theory


"Bernhard Waldenfels"

Titel: Comment on John Searle's "The Construction of Social Reality"
Autor: Bernhard Waldenfels
Seite: 159-165

Abstract: This comment deals with some basic elements Searle uses in order to con-struct social reality: the togetherness, we-intentionality and the distinction between institutional and brute facts. The commentator argues that Searle's theory tends to a partial biologism because lacking a sufficient concept of embodiment. Con-sequently 'pre-institutional facts' such as eating, copulating, working or torturing are systematically underdetermined. On the deontic level the theory relies on natu-ral processes of conventional power. So the distinction between factual acceptance and acceptability is blurred by a sort of conformism, and one neglects the status of dissidents and victims whose belonging to the predominant 'we' remains highly dubious.

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