Analyse & Kritik

Journal of Philosophy and Social Theory


"Armin Falk"

Titel: Diskursverfahren: Liebe auch auf den zweiten Blick?
Autor: Felix Oberholzer-Gee / Isabelle Vautravers-Busenhart / Armin Falk / Jürg de Spindler
Seite: 245-264

Abstract: Discourse-based processes seek to arrive at socially acceptable decisions by adhering to a specific set of procedures. In this case study, we empirically test how successful the 'Cooperative Discourse' was in identifying a socially acceptable site for a solid-waste landfill in Switzerland. Our results indicate that even individuals living in the community designated as the prospective site think highly of the 'Cooperative Discourse', but they know close to nothing about this procedure. This ignorance is rational, because, under Swiss laws, the recommendations of the discourse are not legally binding and siting projects can easily be thwarted by town hall meetings. In this case, the 'Cooperative Discourse' may have reached a consensus proposal because this proposal is socially not very relevant.

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