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Journal of Philosophy and Social Theory


"Angelika Krebs"

Titel: Why Mothers Should Be Fed. Eine Kritik an Van Parijs
Autor: Angelika Krebs
Seite: 155-178

Abstract: This paper reconstructs Van Parijs' core argument for an unconditional basic income and presents three objections against it. The first and most theoretical objection attacks the egalitarian basis of Van Parijs' argument and suggests an alternative, humanitarian theory of justice. The second and third more concrete objections accuse Van Parijs of selling-out the right to work as well as the right to recognition of work, for example of family work. The conclusion drawn from these three objections, however, is not that an unconditional basic income cannot be defended. Instead the paper ends by indicating an alternative, humanitarian argument for an unconditional basic income.

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Basic Income? Symposium on P. Van Parijs,
2000 (22) Heft 2
Guest-Editor: Angelika Krebs



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