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2016 (38) Issue 1
Social Mechanisms

Social mechanisms are the focus of several analytical approaches in the social sciences striving for explanation while acknowledging the relevance of understanding. The plea to reveal more fine-grained social mechanisms may be associated with quite distinct explanatory approaches such as Coleman's macro-micro-macro model (1990), Hedström's desires, beliefs and opportunities scheme (2005), or the specification of ('wide') rational action models by bridge assumptions, social production functions, and/or the model of frame selection (Lindenberg 1996; Opp & Friedrichs 1996; Kroneberg & Kalter 2012).
Apart from theoretical considerations, different modeling techniques may be used to approximate the social mechanisms supposed to be at hand empirically. Depending on the particular theoretical and methodological framework, different modeling strategies may be favorable. The volume at hand will focus on advanced quantitative empirical survey research (e.g. multilevel and/or moderation/mediation models), agent-based modeling (simulation studies) and currently evolving intertwining techniques.
For the special issue "Social Mechanisms" we invite interested researchers to submit papers addressing four different domains:

  1. Methodological aspects of social mechanisms: explanatory status and potential
  2. Quantitative empirical applications of social mechanisms
  3. Agent-based modeling of social mechanisms
  4. Intertwining techniques: combining social mechanisms in quantitative models with agent-based modeling
Deadline for this issue: November 2014.
Ms will be blind-reviewed.
Contributions addressing these (and related) questions are highly welcome. If interested, please send a short abstract of your prospective article to one of the editors.



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