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2015 (37) Issue 1-2

The Normative Turn from Marxism


Table of Contents | From the Editors | Abstracts

I. Marx and Ethics: Coherent Company?

Martin Jay
Marx and Mendacity: Can There Be a Politics without Hypocrisy?

Abstract | Download (203 KB)


Brian Leiter
Why Marxism Still Does Not Need Normative Theory

Abstract | Download (306 KB)


Raymond Geuss
The Moral Legacy of Marxism

Abstract | Download (267 KB)


II. G. A. Cohen's Development

Fabien Tarrit
G. A. Cohen and Marxism

Abstract | Download (293 KB)


John E. Roemer
Thoughts on G. A. Cohenís Final Testament

Abstract | Download (182 KB)


Jason Brennan
Equality, Community, and Diversity in Cohenís Socialist Ideal

Abstract | Download (189 KB)


Julian Culp
G. A. Cohen, Constructivism, and the Fact of Reasonable Pluralism

Abstract | Download (199 KB)


III. Marx and Liberalism

Jeffrey Reiman
The Theory of Marxian Liberalism

Abstract | Download (249 KB)


John Christman
Freedom in Times of Struggle: Positive Liberty, Again

Abstract | Download (218 KB)


James P. Sterba
Libertarianism on the Brink

Abstract | Download (135 KB)


Jan Narveson
Sterba on Liberty and Welfarism

Abstract | Download (191 KB)


James P. Sterba
A Response to Jan Narveson: Why Libertarians Are and Are Not Like Turnips

Abstract | Download (137 KB)


IV. Repercussions

Karl Widerquist / Grant McCall
Myths about the State of Nature and the Reality of Stateless Societies

Abstract | Download (228 KB)


Christopher Craig Brittain
Horkheimer, Religion, and the Normative Grounds of Critical Theology

Abstract | Download (212 KB)


Michael W. Howard
Exploitation, Labor, and Basic Income

Abstract | Download (209 KB)


Gijs van Donselaar
In Company of the Funny Sunny Surfer off Malibu: A Response to Michael Howard (and Some Others)

Abstract | Download (173 KB)



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