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Helmut Thomä / Horst Kächele / Julian Ch. Kübler
Zum Verhältnis von Theorie und Praxis der Psychoanalyse

Abstract: According to psychoanalysis there is a relationship between gaining insight and therapeutic success. To clarify this relationship it is necessary to differentiate regions of psychoanalytic theory. On the one hand there are foundational theories - personality and aetiological theory - on the other hand there are technological theories: they explain the therapeutic process and generate rules for therapeutic intervention. The latter are supported by the former, but cannot be logically derived from them. The link between the mediation of self-knowledge and the improvement of the state of the patient is a theoretical and practical issue of psychoanalysis: theoretically it is a hypothesis that has to be proved by empirical investigation. Practically it is an aim to be fulfilled. A therapeutic theory should list the conditions that are necessary for this.

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Raimo Tuomela / Kaarlo Miller
We-Intentions and Social Action

Abstract: In the paper "We-intentions and Social Action" conceptual issues related to intentional social action are studied. By social actions we here mean actions that are performed together by two or more agents. The central concept of we-intention is introduced and applied to the analysis of simple social practical reasoning. An individualistic analysis of the notion of we-intention is proposed on the basis of the agents, I-intentions and beliefs. The need and indespensability of we-intentions and we-attitudes in general in a theory of intentional social action is emphasized along with the fact that we-intending leads to action in suitable circumstances.

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Ernst Michael Lange
Semantik, Handlungserklärung, Sozialwissenschaft. Zu Macdonald / Pettit "Semantics and Social Science"

Abstract: This critical study concentrates on action-theoretical aspects of the Davidsonian philosophy of social science given in Macdonald / Pettit 1981. It questions the relevance to social science of developing Davidson's semantic "principle of charity" into a "principle of humanity", discusses specific formulations of assumptions of behavioural and attitudinal rationality in the explanation of action, and joins issue with the causal account given of the latter suggesting that its metaphysical motivation is of no concern to social science.

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Diskussion / Discussion

Kommentar zu A. MacIntyre's "The Claims of 'After Virtue'"

Kai Nielsen
Cultural Pessimism and the Setting aside of Marxism

Abstract: I examine Alasdair MacIntyre's grounds for setting aside Marxism. I find them wanting. I argue that his criticisms are either unsound or fail to consider plausible alternative readings of Marxism which would elude what, on the reading MacIntyre gives, are sound criticisms. I consider MacIntyre's remarks about Marx's predictions, his remarks about the moral failures of Marxism and its alleged theoretical impoverishment in considering questions of value.

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